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  • Ian Whelan

Denise and Dermot - A Lough Rynn Wedding

At Fireworks Wedding Films, we've had the privilege of capturing and preserving countless beautiful love stories, and Denise and Dermot's wedding day at Lough Rynn was nothing short of magical, rain and all. Love, raindrops, and unforgettable moments blended seamlessly into a heart-warming tale that we're excited to share with you.

Picture this: The breathtaking backdrop of Lough Rynn, with its tranquil waters and enchanting castle, set the stage for a wedding day that would be etched in memory. The weather forecast might have hinted at a rainy day, but what unfolded was pure magic.

Denise and Dermot's love shone through, proving that the weather couldn't dampen their spirits.

As we prepare to share this beautiful video with Denise and Dermot, their family, and friends, we're reminded of the timeless love stories we have the honour to document. Here's to a lifetime of love and happiness for this incredible couple!

In every raindrop that graced their wedding day, in every smile that lit up their faces, we found a reminder that love is the most beautiful story of all. 💒🥂 #WeddingMagic #LoughRynnLove #CapturingMemories

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